In January 2013 I took part in The Garage Startup Weekend, a program at Microsoft to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. I joined a team of 5 people from across the company who I had never met before. We had 3 days to design, prototype, and create a pitch for a product. In the end, we had only 5 minutes to sell a panel of executives on our concept. Out of 20 projects, ours was one chosen to receive additional funding and investment from Microsoft. Because the project is ongoing and proprietary, I cannot describe the specifics, but our team is thrilled to be continuing work on this project, in addition to our regular jobs.
At the January 2013 Startup Weekend hosted by The Garage, TRAX scooped 1st Place and the People’s Choice Award. Not bad for a group of hardware and software engineers among whom some were new to Microsoft, many had never met before, and most had never crossed over from software to hardware and vice versa."
-Microsoft Garage Monthly Blast, March 2013
Looks like January's Startup Weekend judges and attendees weren't the only people who loved TRAX. Bing Fund, the angel incubator in OSD focused on identifying startups with phenomenal talent and ideas to unleash new innovation, has accepted TRAX into its four-month Accelerator program! Starting in September, folks from Team TRAX will get to live the dream of starting up a potential new Microsoft technology." 
-Microsoft Garage Monthly Blast, April 2013
Our team. We met for the first time on the first day of the competition, and 3 days later we had created a prizewinning product concept
Rapid iteration and brainstorming drawings on the windows in the war room.
Up all night working surrounded by the scenarios story boarded in the background.
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